Champions of 12.3 - 2020

In 2020, we launched Champions of 12.3.  The group met three times to share information and shape short-term strategic plans to showcase, advocate and take action on food waste reduction. We started work on a Food Waste Reduction Map,  

Showcasing: Our Champions have met on three occasions to share information

on their initiatives to reduce food waste and brainstorm collectives actions.  

Advocacy: Our Champions continually advocate to Government to adopt SDG 12.3 and wrote a letter to incoming Ministers post-Election. 

Taking Action: Our Champions have contributed, with other businesses, to a Food Waste Reduction Map to demonstrate solutions at each stage of the food supply chain to reduce food waste. This will be launched in March 2021. 

Citizens of 12.3 - 2020

In 2020, we hosted 5 meetings for our Citizens of 12.3 Steering Committee.

The group achieved the following: 

Showcasing: supporting New Zealand to showcase International Food Waste Awareness Day for the first time. 

Advocacy: a petition to halve food waste by 2030, with over 1000 signatures

Taking Action: created three resources:  (1) “Getting your head around food waste”; (2) “Hosting a Homely Dinner” and (3) “Reducing food waste at Christmas”

Launch - 12.3.2020

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