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Food Waste Reduction Ecosystem

About the Food Waste Reduction Ecosystem

Aotearoa New Zealand has a growing and active food waste ecosystem of solution providers and enablers from across the food system who are working to reduce the social, economic and climate impacts of food waste. There are over 100 well-structured initiatives in New Zealand delivering on or enabling food waste reduction. This sector is ripe to fast-track a positive movement towards a resilient and sustainable food system. We have mapped the ecosystem to identify if we can leverage on our collective work to deliver truly transformational change.

This Food Waste Reduction Ecosystem map showcases current solution providers and enablers and is a first step to highlighting gaps, opportunities, fostering connections and collaboration as we strive to reduce food waste at a faster pace.  We have developed this as a free resource for the food sector, funders and food waste solution providers to ensure we are all working together to achieve a resilient, food waste-free Aotearoa.

This map is only as valuable as you deem it to be, please fill out this survey to provide feedback for future iterations of the map and how to better amplify the sector. Funding permitting, we envision this to be an interactive resource.


Food Waste Reduction Ecosystem MAR14.png

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Ecosystem map layout summary

The shape demonstrates the flows of change from the vision to what we’ve identified as enablers and then solutions across each stage of the food value chain.  

The vision highlights a commitment of the ecosystem, our hope is that all initiatives represented on the ecosystem can align with this vision. The vision is interlocked by system-led enablers who are clustered into key delivery areas and expertise; Funding and Policy, Evidence-based Research, Capability Building & Behaviour Change and Design & Strategy.

The outer ring showcases the solution providers, those on the front lines preventing, innovating, collecting, rescuing, cooking, upcycling, diverting and recovering food waste. These may but don’t necessarily have a linear connection to the enablers, they are amplified by them.


The solutions are outlined across the food value chain and further categorised into a simplified version of the food waste hierarchy, focussing on the higher part of a conventional hierarchy: Prevention, Redistribution, Upcycling and Recovery.

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