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Champions of 12.3

In 2020, we launched Champions of 12.3 to progress Aotearoa New Zealand's food waste reduction. In 2022 we established a charitable trust to continue our kaupapa, to showcase, advocate and take action on food waste reduction.  

2022 has been our most impactful year yet.

With little resources but a lot of heart and strong collaboration, we can achieve a lot.
Take a look at our Impact Report, you'll notice the launch of Kai Commitment, leading the national food waste definition consultation project, achieving many of our advocacy goals and more. Our Food Waste Reduction Roadmap was used to inform the National Food Waste Summit, co-hosted with WasteMINZ.


NZFWC 12.3_Impact Report 2022.jpg

Citizens of 12.3

The Steering Committee of Citizens of 12.3 meet monthly to share resources and plan grass-roots food waste reduction activities with a strong focus on consumer behaviour change.

Showcasing: supporting New Zealand to showcase International Food Waste Awareness Day for the first time through nation-wide collaborative activations and events. 

Advocacy: a petition to halve food waste by 2030, with over 1000 signatures

Taking Action: created three resources:  (1) “Getting your head around food waste”; (2) “Hosting a Homely Dinner” and (3) “Reducing food waste at Christmas”

Launch - 12.3.2020

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Featured on Breakfast

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