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Leading action on food waste

We are proud to have been part of a group of experts and stakeholders that supported the Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor on a series of reports to understand Aotearoa New Zealand’s food waste problem. The final report and summary report were launched at the Leading Action on Food Waste event attended by invited industry representatives, who heard the recommendations that have been delivered to Government and the opportunities that addressing food waste offers for business, community, and our environment. 

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Food Loss and waste in Aotearoa NZ.png
Food Waste, A Global & Local Problem.png
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We created Aotearoa’s first food waste reduction ecosystem map to showcases solution providers and enablers as the first step to help us highlight gaps, foster connections and potential partnerships in our shared goal of reducing food waste.

Kai Commitment is an agreement between leading food sector businesses designed to reduce food waste and related emissions across Aotearoa New Zealand’s food supply chain. NZFWC12.3’s role is to support businesses to implement the Target, Measure, Act framework and facilitate industry collaboration on food waste reduction.

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